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Client Testimonials
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I'm very happy for all the process. Very good service in general.
I also use the Live Chat service. And I always had a precise and fast
answers to my questions. I will use your services again soon. And if someone 
I know needs visa, I will talk about you.

Thank you very much
thanks for taking the stress out of obtaining my China visa! I did use the
online support to determine if the embassy was closed during a recent
holiday, which would delay my visa. Perhaps that is something that could be
be your site. Also, I has to clarify on the timing - I got the one business
day option, with delivery, and was trying to work out when it would be
received. I think showing an example on your site might help. so customers
see drop-off times and that delivery is next day. Thanks again!

Your service is excellent. I never got a service like this, from no where
else. Thank you very much.. your service is really appreciated.

I was very happy with the service that Visa Center provided and I really
appreciated being informed of each step of the process. I would absolutely
recommend their services to anyone. Thanks so much!
You sure made things easy for us...much appreciated...

Your service was prompt and EXACTLY as explained.
I got my passport the next day with the Canada Post Xpresspost service. I
really appreciated the e-mails to keep me aware of the Visa timing.
Thank you


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Dear Guest, we greatly apologise if your amazing feedback didn't make it to this list. We will update this section frequently - we promise, and that's only because we love to brag about the great service we offer!




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